Small Animal Services

Wellness/Vaccinations Wellness/Vaccinations

To keep your pets healthy we offer vaccination, heartworm testing and yearly exams.  We feel that regular visits to the veterinarian can help keep your pets healthy along with preventative care such as parasite prevention.  We can help make a custom preventative care program dependent on your pet’s lifestyle.


There are three important reasons to spay or neuter your pet.  The primary reason is to help your pet live longer.  Spaying eliminates the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer, and pyometras (a life threating infection of the uterus), and decreases the risk of mammary tumors.  Neuter stops testicular cancer and decrease the risk of prostate problems.  There are also behavior reasons to consider spaying and neuter.  Lastly, we feel it is important to spay and neuter to help with the over population of cats and dogs.


We offer modern digital x-rays resulting in faster, clearer images.  We also have in house bloodwork, so that important results can be seen in a timely manner.  Not all test can be run in house, but we work with a veterinary diagnostic lab to get needed results that cannot be done in house.


Besides spays and neuters we also offer other soft tissue surgeries.  Mass removal, mastectomy, cystotomy, and more.  Please call and set up an appointment to discuss special surgery needs.

End of life

We offer multiple options for end of life for our special furry friends.  We have in home and in office euthanasia.  We can also offer private cremation.  We want to make this process as easy and painless as possible for you and your pet.


Our groomers does baths, clipping, brush outs, de-matting, and many others.Treat your dog or cat to a spa day.

Large Animal Services

Cattle / Sheep / Other

Cattle/sheep Cattle/sheep

We offer vaccination, health papers, OB services and much more.


Please call for services that we offer.


Preventative medicine Preventative medicine

We offer vaccinations, health papers, teeth floating and much more.


We can come to the farm to suture and take care of minor injuries.

End of life

We offer on the farm euthanasia. Our goal is to make the process as painless as possible for our equine friends.