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Covid-19 and your pet

Serving the community through the practice of quality veterinary medicine by using my knowledge to benefit the community through the protection of animal health and welfare, relief of animal suffering, and protecting animal resources.

Serving Nevada, Ames, and all of Story County In the clinic, at home, and on the farm.


Christel B.
Dr. Pleis goes above and beyond in her services as a vet. She offers a very personalized care that cannot be matched. Whether it's remembering your dog's name and health history to answering phone calls when your puppy eats something questionable, she is always there to help! Quite simply, I've never found the same level of personal attention with other vets."
Laurie H.
Dr. Pleis has provided veterinary care for my yellow lab and farm cat. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional. Sherrie patiently answers all of my questions and gives me confidence that I am meeting the needs of my pets. I am excited to have her locate her clinic in Nevada!"
Tracey B.
Sophie’s health went downhill, and it was determined our dog’s kidneys were failing from another clinic. The clinic I went to suggested taking her to Iowa State for three days of intensive inpatient treatment that included keeping her quiet and continually flushing the kidneys. This procedure would have resulted in thousands of dollars in vet bills. Then, I reached out to Dr. Pleis for a second opinion. She very patiently listened, and then shared her opinion of the test results. We discussed options and in the end decided to have Dr. Pleis come to our house and put our precious pup to sleep in a most loving and gentle way. This was a rough ordeal, but Dr. Pleis’s willingness to be honest, while also being caring and compassionate, made the passing of our dog easier."

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